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Through a number of programs, MCL Cement embraces the sentiments of this statement by employees who work at MCL. A big part of MCL cement’s Corporate Social Responsibilities Program is focused on protecting the environment and reducing the impact of its operations on neighboring communities. As education is played a major role in modern life to all individuals in the society, MCL believes that education is the key for sustainable growth and students are the future leaders of the country and so SCG drives force behind the development of Myanmar. This has led our organization to develop SCG Sharing the Dream, an educational initiative for students across ASEAN. SCG Sharing the Dream provides educational assistance for Myanmar High School students who have exhibited good academic records, shown gratitude towards their families and proactively contributed to their communities. So, Sharing the Dream is the stepping stone for students to their education in an effort to make dreams come true in reality. SCG’s aim is to enhance understanding of CSR among international public health experts and promote greater discussion about how CSR can best be leveraged to improve population health around the communities where it operates. The very first thing MCL does for public health is Sharing A Brighter Vision program. This program is part of SCG’s commitment to being a responsible member of the Mon State community and restoring the eye sight of patients to give a better quality life. Moreover, MCL provides and builds Mobile Clinics for the patients in Mon State. And also, our MCL employees and SCG distributors’ staffs help in saving a life by donating blood to the ones in need. MCL has concerned the community’s well-being whatever we are. We try to be a part of it by help renovating temples and pagodas, community’s buildings. Waterway excavation, library or even be one of the active aide in flood relief. Moreover, MCL has launched a new roadway initiative, safety and directional signage on the streets of Mawlamyine in Mon State. On the other hand, MCL has delivered earthquake safety and prepared learning materials to the Yangon Region Ministry of Education for uses by primary school students to learn about safety and to create a safety culture among the youth.

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